1. Eric J

    I have needed this so much glad someone is working on it!


    • Sue

      Me too. It would be great if this was built into Gutenberg. I have added styling on my own to border blocks as outlines make it so much easier to identify where everything is when working on a complex layout.


  2. photoMaldives

    Thanks for the heads up! Moving over from several other page builders to the native WP Gutenberg, this is exactly what I’ve been missing.


  3. George Olaru

    I think this plugin is a great move in the right direction! It’s like when you need to let the mechanic take a look under the hood of your car, but as an end-user, you don’t always want to see the engine to enjoy the ride.

    It makes great sense to start providing a debugging library layer for the Gutenberg project and support developers with different access levels.

    I doubt it will be of much help for the end-user to manage complex layouts. Complexity is not reduced through more complexity, and this experience should be embedded in the core of the layout system (blocks), not as an afterthought.

    I hope that more people will notice and appreciate this plugin’s goal and limit its purpose before going overboard with new fancy features.


  4. Damien Carbery

    Perfect timing – I just created a comment block (only shows in Dashboard) and I wanted a way to clearly show that it was a comment block (apart from the colouring). I copied some CSS from this plugin to add ‘comment’ in the top right of the block.

    I do see a brilliant use case – distinguishing which column block is in use when you have plugins that provide additional column blocks. It’s often hard to know whether you are using a core block or an identically named one from a plugin.


  5. Sjoerd

    Agree completely, this is much clearer then the current edit/select toggle in the top bar.
    Simultaneous outlines for all the blocks on a page should definitely be part of core.


  6. Amit Kumar

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, dev.


  7. Li-An

    When I discovered the plugin I thought : ”If I use Gutenberg one day, I must install this”. So convenient.


  8. Salman

    I usually add borders in block editor using CSS, this plugin will help us a lot. Thanks for sharing.


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