1. Stephen Vaughan

    As I said before, the block editor is lacking in some obvious things that a lot page builders are already doing better. And speaking of page builders, those behind the block editor missed the boat by not also building the editor as a foundational course with an API that page builders could easily hook into to, add their own bells and whistles to a set of fixed standard blocks, also adding the page builder’s own UI. Change builder, or just turn it off and at least your basic layout and content would remain intact.

    The rudimentary nature of the block editor is why so many are frustrated with it. While the work so far and improvements are welcome those who own the project seem
    To have gone of on their own pet tangents without enduring with some polish to the main mechanism of the block builder.

    The block editor is adequate, enjoyable to use as in some respects but it’s not great in many other areas.


  2. Bud Kraus

    Nice plugin at first glance. Certainly covers important functions that are currently not in the default Navigator and totally blows away the breadcrumb navigation (which should be removed altogether but that’s another conversation).


  3. Suman Saxena

    Never heard about this plugin. May have to give it a try. It covers important functions.


  4. Scott

    Core definitely needs a feature like this! Really digging how much easier It makes recognizing big pages.


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