Name This Segment

The other night, I was asked by Dave Moyer, producer of the WordPress podcast WordCast, if I was interested in doing a pre-recorded segment for a new podcast he is producing called Aimless Agenda. The segment would highlight the hot topics of discussion during the previous week on the WordPress Tavern forum. I agreed to do so but I have a problem. I don’t know what to call the segment. Here are the suggestions I’ve received so far:

  • Weekly Binge
  • Roundup
  • Tavern Roundup
  • Weekly Buzz
  • Bar Buzz
  • Last Call
  • WordCap (recap)
  • Tavern Talk
  • Around The Table

While one or two of these sound decent, I wanted to throw this out there to see what else you guys and gals come up with.

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  1. hi Jeff, I’m a BIG fan of clear & to the point. From the list, Weekly Buzz sounds best to me.


  2. @marti garaughty – The more I think about it, the more I like Weekly Buzz as well. Short, too the point and of course, Buzz fits into the Tavern nomenclature :) Thanks for the feedback


  3. “Around the Bar”? (Around the Tap)

    “WordPress On Tap” (WPTavern: What’s on Tap)

    “Draught Discourse” (Draft Discourse) (Draft Discussions)

    I also like “Tavern Talk”


  4. bar buzz sounds good to me


  5. I like Hayley’s idea, but also how about ‘A round on the tavern’.


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