1. Donal MacArthur

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for taking the time to review Atlas – I’ll certainly be taking your comments on board.

    I definitely agree with you that asking users to enter list of post or category IDs isn’t the most user-friendly way of implementing an option, although it’s probably the most scalable way of doing it. (A lot of the alternatives become cumbersome if there are lots of posts or categories or whatever to choose from.)

    The interface can certainly be improved though, and I’ll be adding a jQuery layer of post and category-pickers to all those boxes in a future release, along with an AJAX file uploader for logos and the like. In the meantime, the optional info panel on the Admin Bar gives you the ID of the current post or page (or the category or tag ID if you’re on an archive page), which at least makes finding them a little easier than hovering over the links on the dashboard pages. (I hate having to do that myself, which is why I added it.)

    Documentation is another big issue, I know, and one a lot of themes fall down on. I’m planning extensive documentation for the release version – both for users and developers – but in the meantime there’s a ‘quick start’ guide in the beta pack which I hope will be enough to get people up and running.

    Thanks for the feedback, and I’m looking forward to getting more of the same from your readers.


  2. Jeffro

    @Donal MacArthur – You’re welcome. This review is just one persons experience but I’m glad you took it in stride. Good luck with your Atlas framework.


  3. Jeffro

    @Donal MacArthur -By the way, this worked out great for you as this site has recently been added to the Planet WordPress Feed and because of that, article from the site show up in peoples dashboards. This post has had over 1,100 pageviews today


  4. Donal MacArthur

    @Jeffro – That was definitely good timing. I’m going to chance my arm and email CNN to see if I’m on some kind of lucky streak… ;)


  5. Nika Catbagan

    @Jeffro – I am one of those pageviews. :D Thanks for posting about Atlas, I wouldn’t have been able to try it if I hadn’t seen your post in my WP Dashboard. ^_^


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