Theme Review Guideline Revisions Proposed For WordPress 3.9

Chip Bennett has outlined a list of proposed changes and revisions to the WordPress Theme Review guidelines. The changes are listed in two sections, required and recommended. The required changes would take effect immediately while those that are recommended could become guidelines in the future. Some of the recommendations include:

  • Bundled Plugins: Themes must not bundle Plugins.
  • Arbitrary Header/Footer Scripts: Themes must not provide Theme options for arbitrary header/footer scripts.
  • License: Themes are required to document in the Theme readme file the copyright/license attribution for all bundled resources.
  • Theme Credit Links: ThemeURI and AuthorURI, if both are used, must be from distinctly separate sites.

The guidelines and recommendations are currently in the discussion phase. If you’re a theme author and have additional recommendations or guideline please provide your input on the post. There’s already a lively discussion underway.

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