1. Scott Winterroth

    Yeah, I thought this was a cool plugin idea as well. I always seem to have to crop headshots and other images of humans in Photoshop prior to upload. I just worry this is unnecessary bloat. Core?


  2. Rafael Funchal

    Really awesome idea!


  3. Chris English

    I can’t wait to test this.


  4. Kelson

    Nice! I’ve run into some really awkward auto-crops, not just on WordPress uploads but Flickr too. I’m going to have to try it out.


  5. David Coveney

    Thanks for the write-up! We wrote the plugin to solve problems we experienced on client sites and felt it was worth sharing. Let’s see how it gets on!


  6. sanchothefat

    The best way to use the plugin is by adding a hotspot rather than use the face detection as it’s not always accurate. All the advanced face detection APIs are paid for so wasn’t able to integrate them just yet!


  7. Thomas

    Great Plugin – works awesome and really solves the problem!!


  8. Tom McGee

    I tried it on one of my sites and I love it. It’s not just for faces — any kind of image where the subject is off-center (and if you’re using something like the rule-of-thirds when you frame your shot, isn’t it always off-center?) would benefit from adding an appropriate hot spot.

    The face recognition bit is still sketchy. I found that maybe one out of every ten images, all with obvious faces, were detected. But it’s no big deal to select a hot spot — and as sanchothefat indicates, if you’re concerned with good cropping you are going to want to manually select the subject’s chin, or nose, or left eye, or whatever manually, to get it just right.


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