1. Kristi

    I vote for responsive design for the same reasons.


  2. Joe Jenkins

    I’m not seeing a poll, but I would definitely vote for responsive themes.

    I’m a club member over at WooThemes, and I won’t even bother looking at the themes that are not responsive, and pretty much stick to the Canvas theme.

    Not knowing how your website is to be viewed is a real problem these days, it was so much easier when I started out and everybody was on a 640×480 screen.


  3. Dave Clements

    Oooh, this was hard. I too voted for responsive design, BUT, I think that responsive design is being pushed a little too heavily in my opinion and people are seeing it as the “next big thing” without considering whether they actually need it.

    I actually think that most of the options on the poll are bad traits – I think theme developers are running away from good design in search of feature-enrichment, which is something that should be handled by plugins (not least because that functionality is lost when the user changes themes). Top of the culprits in that list for me is the SEO-ification of themes. Developers should just use wp_title() and leave the rest up to a dedicated SEO plugin like WordPress SEO.


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