Monitor WordPress Download and Version Stats With WP Central

If you’re interested in WordPress project stats, WP Central has a collection of interactive visualizations for everything from download stats to version usage to internationalization. The site, created by WordPress contributor Marko Heijnen, has been in development for several months and is gradually adding more data.

The homepage of the site features stats for the latest release, with data for the total downloads, last seven days, downloads per day and per hour.


Version usage is particularly interesting, with clickable segments that display the percentage of WordPress installations operating on various versions of WP, PHP and MySQL.


The site uses Bootstrap for the theme and Heijnen said that all of the data is pulled from the API, with the download history stored locally. He’s looking into the possibility of collecting and displaying old data, along with the new stats.

Heijnen created the site with the hope of providing a historical reference that is easy to visualize. “I would love for it to become a place that shows the history of WordPress, i.e. how many downloads we had per release and the progress,” he said. “I hope that people will be able to get more insight about how WordPress has grown over the years.”

WP Central‘s graphs make it easy to visualize trends in WordPress downloads and version usage. Given that WordPress is a major part of millions of people’s lives on the web, it’s important to have helpful sites like WP Central that will track WordPress’ growth over time and make this data available to everyone. To find out about new data and visualizations added, follow WP Central on Twitter.

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