1. Ron

    Totally my first time EVER backing anything crowd funded. Looks very interesting……


  2. Dave Warfel

    Absolutely love this idea! Great job, Manton.


  3. Mike McCallister

    This is a terrific idea! Centralized services just lead to centralized control. I used to use identi.ca, a similar open source service. My friends (all Twitter early-adopters) found identi.ca and launched “Twitter-free Fridays” to remind ourselves that vendor lock-in was a bad idea. I look forward to playing with micro.blog.


  4. Ron

    the idea of pulling quality and high quality post from different sites seems really awesome. Go ahead with the idea.


  5. Ross

    I’d always wondered if you could use WordPress and RSS to micro blog and then create some kind of aggregation app. I guess replying is a harder problem to solve than posting. But I’m glad someone’s attempting this.

    John Saddington’s Pressgram was kinda in this field, right? Pressgram failed because it cost him too much to run the servers, so I hope Manton’s business model works out better.

    I’m intrigued about discovery and search. These are almost certainly top features of Twitter: it’s easy to find people and things. I wonder if and how these will be tackled in the app.


  6. Tomas M.

    Author stressed out that new platform will not filter the content, but it is not realistic. Otherwise, it will quickly become porn hub and other users will leave.


    • Manton Reece

      Thanks for the feedback. That is definitely a concern. The initial strategy will be about paying attention to the areas of Micro.blog where you could accidentally see posts from people you don’t follow. This is where Twitter currently fails, in my opinion, since it only takes a couple clicks into a reply chain or hashtag search to see a bunch of inappropriate junk.

      That’s where filtering tools can be built, and hopefully less time on policing what people write on their own web sites. Sorry I wasn’t more clear about that. I’ll have more to announce about this soon. (And I’ll keep in mind your point about porn. Honestly I had been more worried about harassment, so I’m very glad you brought this up too.)


  7. Eric

    Has anyone seen Freedom Controller? It’s an existing solution


  8. natasha

    Eagerly waiting for the platform to launch. Glad to see kickstarter campaign is receiving overwhelming response.


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