Merry Christmas: WordPress 3.3. Released

The time has finally arrived. WordPress 3.3. was released early this morning to the masses. Codenamed ‘Sonny’ which at a glance looks like sorry, 3.3 has a couple of great user oriented features with a ton of polish. While my WordPress upgrade experience went smoothly, I was immediately impressed with the welcome screen which in my opinion, is better at explaining new features in WordPress than most of the official release posts on the blog, minus the ones with published videos. Kudos goes out to all involved for the welcome screen as well as every other improvement that made it into WordPress 3.3. Let me know in the comments what you think of the new user experience polish that made it into this version.


7 responses to “Merry Christmas: WordPress 3.3. Released”

  1. All looks good apart from that awful Toolbar (Admin Bar/Header) thing, and the lack of any facility to hide it. Pre 3.3 we had a “hide” option, now we don’t. WordPress used to be about user-options but it seems that they’re in recession now too.

    “The toolbar has been the direction of WP’s design since 3.0, and has only become more ingrained. I know Matt likes it (heard him say it) so I imagine that it’s where WP’s going from now out.” (source: Ipstenu,

    Well, whoopie-doo… rumour has it that Matt likes Ramen Noodles too, will we be force-fed those as well?

  2. I agree with BG about the tool bar. I use Ozh admin drop down menu which includes all the menus needed. The tool bar is taking up extra space to offer things I can already get with Ozh Drop Down Menu.

    I would like an option to hide it please.

  3. @BG!:

    That “awful” Toolbar now holds several options not found anywhere else, including Network Admin and Log Out, among others. I hated the Admin Bar/Toolbar when it was first introduced and now I use it all the time. It’s a fantastic bridge between the Dashboard and the front-end, IMO.

    OTOH, I don’t really like the new flyouts (especially when I don’t have a trackpad) but in time I’m sure I’ll come to appreciate them. Change affects us all differently.

    The point is, I don’t think this is about the Core team removing options, I think it’s moreso about opening the door for more in the future. A fundamental of introducing new features is doing it in baby steps; Users will have more time to get acclimated. Get them used to seeing the Admin Bar in 3.2 then fully integrate it into the Dashboard in 3.3. At least now we don’t have the admin bar stacked on top of the header up there.

  4. I understand that there has to be a header, and I can see that it’s a place to put stuff that, for reasons that I can’t fathom, could have gone into the flyouts.

    No, my issue is with visibility. It must be possible to hide it, indeed it’s invisible when in “add new post” with “fullscreen” on.

  5. Unfortunately for those who are not plugged into the WP machine, the instructions for install for the few , the proud, the self hosted, resemble some obscure dialect of Chinese. Ah Clark Howard was right, customer no-service at it’s finest!


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