Mentor Others In The WordPress Community With WPMentor

WPMentor LogoWhile WordPress has been around for over a decade, companies that are successfully making a business out of it are still very young. Companies like iThemes, StudioPress, HeadwayThemes, and RocketGenius are some of the few that come to mind when I think of successful, veteran WordPress companies.

Every day, there are individuals and groups working to become the next generation of successful WordPress businesses. It would be great if those new to this world of WordPress had a resource to tap into, a mentor so to speak to get advice on making the next step. Matt Medeiros of has launched a new website called that brings mentors and mentees together.

For The Teacher and The Student

Matt received so much positive feedback from his post about becoming a mentor that he created an entire site dedicated to those who wanted to volunteer their time to help others. WP Mentor is for two types of people, mentors and mentees. The site works in a similar fashion to a jobs board. Mentors publish posts on the job board explaining what skills or situations they can help people with. Mentees interested in the job posting simply click the Apply For Job button and get in touch with the mentor. Mentees can also create a new job listing.

WPMentor Job Posting

There are no hard and fast rules in which both parties exchange communications or how best to work with one another. Those decisions have intentionally been left up to both individuals. The job board is powered by Mike Jolley’s WP Job Manager plugin in case you’re looking to create a similar site. Once a job posting is published, Matt explains all you’ll have to do is log back in and see that the job is filled.

Once you’re satisfied with your posting, you can log back in and say that the job is “filled”. Feel free to fill out as much or as little as the info needed per listing.

Interested To See Where This Goes

The WordPress community definitely has its share of mentors and while we usually concentrate on ways to contribute to the project, mentoring a member of the community can have just as much if not more impact. Matt doesn’t know where his project will end up but I thank him for creating a new resource for those willing to share their specialized knowledge with others.


9 responses to “Mentor Others In The WordPress Community With WPMentor”

  1. I think this could be an amazing project, and hope to find a good mentor through it. Unfortunately they’re having server problems right now and the site is down. Maybe your article was too convincing!

    • Thanks Jeff(s)!

      This site is hosted on Siteground so I’m checking with them now. Looks like it was just from a spike, but I should have plenty of horsepower.

      • Hey Matt,

        I know this borders on trolling – have you considered adding “Auto Locations” to your WP Job Manager?

        *nudge nudge*

  2. Interesting idea, i imagine this can be a tool that will help build new relationships and find people with complementary skills. By looking at the postings people are already using it this way.


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