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  1. Steve Bank

    I think “unexpected” is probably the wrong word to use, unless directly quoting Jane.

    1) Maybe GSoC remember the BBXF fiasco.
    Created, never used, then website and software it was built for were deleted.

    2) The new management style.
    It’s truly chaotic. It’s not Agile in any way. More over it stops any form of medium to long term planning. It took less than 30 days for the plan (http://wpdevel.wordpress.com/version-3-4-project-schedule/) to be totally derailed.

    BETA 1 was planned for last Wednesday. The Code Freeze was meant to happen 31 days ago. Somehow it slipped by at least 31 days in under 30 days! Chaos.

    But even to quote Jane herself:

    * Good GSoC mentoring takes time. Time is hard to come by at the best of times, even harder for many during the summer.
    * Many of our previous GSoC mentors have held the position for several years and could use a break from trying to mentor while simultaneously working on features for a regular release.
    * Almost none of our GSoC projects have actually made it into core. A few because they were plugins, but most because once GSoC is over there hasn’t been a concerted effort to follow up on these projects.
    * We often run late on dev cycles.

    To me, “unexpected” is the diametrically opposite word.


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