1. Matt

    Automattic needs to buy Meetup. WeWork is trying to sell it. They have done a terrible job overseeing the platform, which has so much potential.


  2. Bastian

    Meetup is always looking for ways to improve the experience for everyone in our community.

    I really love how all these companies always use the same argument of “improving the experience for our users” when they announce price hikes, lol.


    • Peter

      Yep, for price hikes and when they want to sell more of your personal data to others.

      I also cringe when see “We value your privacy.” Really? then why are you stalking me everywhere I go and selling my personal data??? If an individual did that, they’d be arrested for stalking.


  3. Leonardo Losoviz

    Quick and dirty hack around this problem: Create a meetup event with registrations disabled, and add a link to a Google Form and ask attendees to register there instead…

    Then can still make use of Meetup’s discovery, which is pretty good


  4. Adriaan

    This is the most idiotic way to squeeze more money out of this platform.

    I have a community with 2000+ members on meetup.com . If this “Exploration” goes ahead I will simply switch to an event page that has a better understanding of its own business model.


  5. Zach Tirrell

    This move by Meetup seems like a real cash grab.

    Seems to me like the lesson we all keep getting is that SaaS business models can rapidly shift and we’re all better off owning our own content, experiences, and communities.

    There are plenty of free and open source plugins for WordPress to handle event RSVPs. Our Event Tickets plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/event-tickets/) is one great option, but there are many others.


  6. Zafira

    I don’t mind paying to help out an organizer. But… Meetup has been hacked enough times in the past that I’m not going to give them credit card information. Some Meetups require an annual membership fee, which I still don’t mind paying, but again I’m not giving Meetup my credit card information. I think an annual membership fee is a better option, as that way organizers can use any extra cash generated to offset costs. They do a lot, and I would rather they get the money than Meetup.


  7. Brendan Murphy

    I hosted meetups for 18 months and the most annoying aspect was the RSVP. People would say they were going, and then not turn up. Like 37 say yes, and only 4 arrive. Made for lots of leftover sushi and trouble booking venues. I reckon $2 will stop this, do good move.


  8. Moomba

    Maybe I am missing the point here but who gets the $2 RSVP fee, they didn’t exactly say in the marketing ploy. From what I can tell it is now $197.88 to host your group on Meetup as an organizer but with the new structuring that goes to $24. So if that is the case the organizer does pay less per year. If Meetup gets the $2 RSVP maybe the optional yearly dues asked for by organizers (at least in my case) may be less desirable to pay so the organizer gets less money and Meetup gets more (Hey, I smell new revenue stream!! Marketing department you’re A-Go on this one). Reminds me of Northstar ski area charging for parking this year where it was free before all in the name of people will carpool so there will be less cars (right!). So before you had to park, take a cramped bus which you wait for get to the far end of the village then walk a long ways through the village and you finally get to the long line at the gondola to take you to the bottom of the mountain. That used to be free. Now you get to pay 10 – 40 dollars to do it. D’OH!!!!


  9. Scott Winterroth

    The Event Platform Dilemma

    It’s time for WordPress to leave meetup, let’s create an open-source competitor to all of these event platforms!


  10. Larry

    Am i the only one who does not see why Meetup services have better alternatives?


  11. Edly

    Meetup has gotten a bit stale over the years. Eventbrite is ok but you have to fork out entrance fees. Other than online dating though, your best bet is a smaller app like Outist or Tag.


  12. Sonja London

    I hope everyone who is unhappy with this is constructively complaining to MeetUp.

    It is clear that some are:

    Meetup Users Revolt Against $2 Event Fee—And Blame WeWork


  13. Lukpata kelvin

    I don’t think there’s a problem helping organizers but i doing it with meetup.com is the problem. The platform needs improvement.


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