Matt’s Reflections On 2011

The independent web is growing quite a bit. Although we have these great cloud servers for WordPress, the software that people run and install themselves is still as popular as ever. Our services are bringing more people online, but they’re also bringing more people who want to own their own space on the web–they want to own a house instead of rent an apartment. When we were first starting out, I thought, “Downloading and uploading software, managing databases, no one wants to do that.” But it turns out, a lot of people do.

Posts like these from Matt Mullenweg are always fun to read. Via Open Web FTW on GigaOm.

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  1. “Downloading and uploading software, managing databases … ” is NOT something a lot of people WANT to do … it’s a given necessity if you want to own your own WordPress home.

    Developers have an uncanny tendency to twist observations to fit their preconceptions. Bad habit.


  2. Oh lord, how I wish I WANTED to… er… what was it… upload databases and inload soggyware? I’ve had a WordPress blog for a couple of years now – I’m a writer, I need to do this sort of thing – and it has cost me hundreds of pounds to pay someone else to do all the scary uploading and downloading. So I’m trying to learn how to do it myself. Current project: install a paypal button. I’ve been dithering over it, reading how-to articles and watching how-to videos, and worrying about how to make sense of what seems like Martian language to me. You think it’s easy, simple, obvious. To me it’s a huge labyrinth with unreliable clues written in strange runes and horrible invisible traps. Without the fun of any battle axes or firespells nor any saves. My mind just doesn’t work how you think it should and if there’s a way to cock up, I will find that way. If only people like you and people like me could somehow meld minds to explain stuff! Incidentally, posting this has successfully put off actually doing the thing for a bit longer.


  3. @iamronen – Personally I find the server administration stuff is the best part of self-hosting WordPress. Speak for yourself :)


  4. I liked the passage by Matt that came just before the one quoted in this Post:

    The Internet needs a strong, independent platform for those of us who don’t want to be at the mercy of someone else’s domain. I like to think that if we didn’t create WordPress something else that looks a lot like it would exist. I think Open Source is kind of like our Bill of Rights. It’s our Constitution. If we’re not true to that, nothing else matters.

    To be more “independent” unavoidably means to be more “able”. If one does not want to be “dependent” upon others to “do/provide” for them … it should be starkly up-front that one will become “enabled” to do & provide for themselves.

    “Independence” with computers & the Internet is not an abstraction: it’s the concrete product of learning & training, study & practice.

    It’s true that intrinsic aptitude, inclination and previous experience have a lot to do with how easily one gains understanding & competence … we also see complaints from Nature Lovers who discover mud, blisters, and inclement weather on the hiking trails


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