BornRich Interviews Matt Mullenweg

bornrichlogo Most interviews with Matt Mullenweg revolve around WordPress which of course makes sense. However, there is more to Matt than just WordPress and the folks behind the blog BornRich do a good job showcasing that in their interview with the project leader. The interview ranges from discussing print media going away versus blogs, the web browser market, content discovery, micro-blogging, and backwards compatibility which I found to be a question I’ve wondered about myself:

Walker: With the launch of new versions of WP, and hopefully there will be more coming in the future, how do you manage backward compatibility with software efficiency?

Matt: We usually have at least a thousand people testing every new version before it’s released to the world. Still things get missed though, so I’d like to formally start testing say the top 20 plug-ins from the directory and make sure they work as promised when we introduce new versions.

Be sure to check out the interview, especially the bottom where there are some funny questions and answers.


  1. My Fav:

    8. What is the most important thing(s) about Geek Food?
    a) It can be easily be eaten by one hand.
    b) It’s sauce will magically disappear if dropped on keybaord.
    c) It tastes perfect after you take it out of feep-freezer.
    d) It never gets cold.
    e) It tastes like Pizza.

    Matt: It tastes like Pizza


  2. @Conorp – did you happen to pick up on this interview being the one that contained the Trivia question?


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