Matt Mullenweg Video Biography Interview

mixergylogoI was tipped off by Brad Williams on Twitter, to this video based interview between Matt Mullenweg and Andrew Warner on which focuses on interviews with ambitious folks. During this video interview, Matt pretty much covers all the bases between his first involvement with open source software to the creation of Automattic and much more. While just about every interview with Matt covers the same general information, I always listen to the interviews because I always pick up a few new things such as this one regarding Akismet. In the interview, Matt mentions that because his mom wanted to start a blog on, it served as a large portion of inspiration to create Akismet to battle spam since it usually contains some nasty stuff.

The interview is a long one, just over an hour long but it’s filled with good stuff. If you’re interested in the audio portion only, Andrew has that available for download.


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