1. Leonardo Losoviz

    Matt’s talk is available in the Youtube stream, starting at 3:37:13


  2. Anh Tran

    Interesting post!

    As a theme shop, my concern is the future of WordPress themes. Matt and the Gutenberg team have been trying so hard to bring Gutenberg into the core, while the future is really vague.

    “Let the market decide” is not a good answer in my opinion, since theme is a huge part of the WordPress ecosystem. I’ve been seeing people are selling their theme business because of this.

    What we predict now is theme will be something like a library of predefined templates, starter pages or blocks. But is that the plugin territory? What’s the clear border between themes and plugins now?


    • Chris Howard

      Agreed, Anh. Am not a theme developer but his response is so airy-fairy! Typical WP Inc. Flip flop around, throw a bit of mud here, throw a bit there, see where it sticks. It’s liek they’re smoking weed… “Yeahhh.. whatever man…”

      But then with Gutenberg, there was no “Let the market decide”, it was “You’re gonna have this thing whether you damn well like it or not!!”

      I didn’t like Gutenberg being forced on us, and am still not a fan of it as a post editor,… but I did like seeing some decisiveness and commitment by WP Inc.

      Would like to see the same decisiveness and commitment for themes, a move to Git, and for a multitude of other WP features that have got a moment in the sun, then neglected (media management being #1 among those for mine).


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