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pressthislogoIn this weeks episode of Press This, the podcast of Joost De Valk, he interviews Mashables CTO Frederick Townes. Quite a bit of the interview is focused around listener submitted questions including one or two of my own. The one question and answer I found interesting is when I asked what the delay time was between there being a new update of WordPress released versus when Mashable upgraded to it. The CTO responded that it was dependent upon what the update was for, bug fix, security, etc. For instance, if it’s a security release, Mashable will upgrade immediately while not so for a bug fix release. Considering the size of, I thought there would be a large time span between the two.

At any rate, catch the entire interview right here.


6 responses to “Mashables CTO On Press This”

  1. @Joost De Valk – That is great news. Just subscribed to it and am looking forward to hearing the first half of the interview with Frederick.

    @Frederick Townes – Thanks for the compliments on the question. By the way, I wanted to say thank you and commend you for contributing back to the WordPress community through your W3 Total Cache plugin. Will be interesting to see how it scores amongst all the other plugins in the competition. Seeing large sites that are powered by WordPress give back in this way is the exception rather than the rule.

  2. Am I the only person who finds it confusing that the podcast has the same name as a WP feature? I totally thought this was going to have the Mashable CTO talking about the Press This bookmarklet that is part of the core distribution (and which we’ll be working on improving in the nearish future). Not the first time I’ve been fooled by a headline referring to the podcast! :)

  3. Hey Jane,

    I have thought about that issue, even had a conversation with Matt about it over email and he said it was no problem :) I’ve got a good idea: I’ll link to the press this bookmarklet page, and you guys link from within WordPress to my podcast page :P


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