Good Luck Charles Stricklin

wppodcastlogoThe immediate future of The WordPress Podcast has been determined. Joost de Valk has purchased the name and rights to The WordPress Podcast for an undisclosed amount. Over time, PressThis and The WordPress Podcast will merge together with The WordPress Podcast eventually being the mainstay of the show. Also as part of the new format, Joost will be joined by Frederick Townes, author of the W3 Total Cache plugin and CTO of He’ll be doing the news segment of the show each week. Personally, I enjoy listening to the show and am a fan of what they are doing. With WordPress Weekly, I’m either all news or all interview. These two will be mixing it up so you get the best of both worlds.

2009 has been an unfriendly year for Charles with financial troubles, personal issues, technical problems and sadly, the death of his mother. Charles is using this as opportunity to start fresh on a new project that will involve video. I wish him the best of luck. He’s a great guy and the primary inspiration for me starting WordPress Weekly.

In one of my favorite episodes of the podcast, I had the unique opportunity to chat with Charles Stricklin about his foray into WordPress, the difficulties involved with producing the show, podcasting in general and a few other tidbits.


3 responses to “Good Luck Charles Stricklin”

  1. Charles is a great guy, and it’s a pity he has to quit, but I’m very glad we get to keep the name of the podcast and continue it. All the best to Charles from my side as well, I’ve come to consider him a friend, even though we’ve still yet to meet in person.

  2. I missed the WordPress Podcast and Charles and it’s too bad he’s not doing it anymore. But I’m also glad that Joost is taking over. Press This is a great show and I think he’s the perfect person to take this Podcast over. Good luck to both of them!


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