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Coming home from a WordCamp is like falling back to earth after floating on a cloud for a weekend. You’ve probably noticed that WordCamp Europe attendees are now blogging about their experiences at the WordPress party of the year. Their posts are packed full of speaker notes, shoutouts to new friends and pictures of the epic after party, which looked not unlike a rave, by the way.

But some of the most exciting action happened at the WordCamp Europe Contributor Day, where attendees collaborated together in person to swiftly complete a number of key projects.

Well if that doesn’t make you wish you were there, I don’t know what will. A sampling of the pizza and beer-fueled contributions made during that day include additions to inline-docs, a complete translation of the WordPress Android app into Dutch and, most notably, a face lift for the homepage.


The new design includes a quick introduction to Making WordPress as well as descriptions for each contributor group. is without a doubt more visually appealing than before. It also presents the blogs in a more approachable way that invites contribution. The only thing I will miss is the ability to see RSS feeds for each make blog at a glance.

You may have noticed that the new homepage is not yet mobile friendly. However, all the code can be found in the meta svn and you can file a ticket at the meta trac with your changes if you’d like to contribute. Many thanks to those who worked at WCEU to improve the homepage and to those who will continue their work. We’re looking forward to seeing how this page evolves. Do you think the new presentation will encourage more people to jump in and get involved in a contributor group?


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