1. Ryan Cowles

    I just recently started using an iOS device, so I can’t really compare 3.9 to previous versions. However, I like it so far and the new layout seems promising.

    Just as a heads up, the Android app also received an update (#). I might be a little biased, but I really dig the new Reader.


  2. John Blackbourn

    It looks to me like “WordPress for iOS” is actually “WordPress.com for iOS” these days. If you run a self-hosted WordPress site without Jetpack on it then the first two tabs at the bottom serve no function.

    The new UI looks a whole lot less like WordPress (as you noted with the removal of the sidebar) and a whole lot more like WordPress.com.

    Is this a problem? I’m not sure. But at what point do we realise that this WordPress app is actually being used primarily to push WordPress.com?


    • Alex Patin

      Well the app is an Automattic product, so it makes sense to me that as the app has continued to update, it serves as a tool primarily for WordPress.com users. I’m happy that it still supports self hosted stuff, but I won’t ever use the reader tab. I want the app’s primary focus to be publishing / writing.

      All in all, I think it’s a great update – I just don’t find ‘Reader’ useful.


  3. Steven J. Tryon

    I couldn’t be more devoted to WordPress and I use it in all of my web solutions. However, this app continues to be a major waste of time. There is always some issue with it – and generally not big things, but just little things that assure some measure of frustration each time it is used.

    I fire the thing up each time there is an upgrade hoping for a good experience with it, but that hasn’t happened yet. After reading your article, I gave it another try. Your tip about the “Me” button saved me the time of trying to find my sites. But when clicking on one of them, the app only shows me the posts that were created more than a year and a half ago! No amount of refreshing or restarting the app corrects that. So once again, an upgraded app that still can’t seem to pull together all of the details.



  4. Steve Wright

    The app appears to be ignoring my timezone settings and converting into something else. Ie: a post I’ve set up for 9.30 am AEST magically changes to 10.30pm via the app. BOO. Anyone else having the same issue?


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