1. Danny G Smith

    I can’t wait for the new themes to come out. I came from the Joomla world, so the blog type templates are the ones foreign to me.


  2. Martin

    Never knew magazine/news themes went out of fashion….


  3. Carl Hancock

    Magazine themes are consistently the top sellers for the theme developers. Even some of Woo’s old original magazine themes are still consistently some of their top selling themes despite their age. I don’t think they ever waned in popularity.


  4. Jeffro

    @Danny G Smith – Out of the ones I mentioned here, the Daily Edition looks awfully sweet with The Local coming in a close second. That’s my opinion. I also come from a Joomla background and I’m finally beginning to think that WordPress themes are catching up.

    @Martin – Well, I noticed a brief period where not EVERY theme that was being released was a news/magazine type layout. That is why I said it decreased somewhat but it never disappeared.

    @Carl Hancock – I guess so. As I mentioned to Martin, I noticed that there was a bit more variety of theme and layout types arriving on the scene but now it looks like we are heading into another splash of themes with the news/magazine layouts. I imagine if they weren’t popular, they wouldn’t keep releasing themes of that style


  5. Paul

    I like them because the classic blog look is horrible for quickly scanning a site’s homepage looking for interesting articles to read. It forces the latest post to always be an absolute killer to draw new homepage visitors into your site (note: some A-list bloggers achieve this anyway).

    I dislike them though because it increases the development time for new sites and (sometimes) increases the time per post as you deal with all the extra post backend stuff that goes along with a lot of them.

    But overall I think they’re a great thing for self-run sites/blogs in general.


  6. Brad Potter

    I’m happy to see lots of Magazine/News themes being released. They are my favorite type of theme and the main reason I was attracted to WordPress to begin with. As Jeff mentioned they never went away, it’s just interesting to see so many being released at the same time.

    I can’t wait to see the impact “Citizen Journalism” has on old school media. The larger media companies are currently discussing ways in which they can start charging for the majority of their content. If that happens, many people will seek other sources for news. In my community we are seeing several small news startups begin to compete with one very established local newspaper. In many cases they publish stories that are more in-depth and engaging than the established paper which has been forced to continually cut it’s staff.


  7. Jeffro

    No doubt citizen journalism will fuel these types of designs. I’m already starting to see quite a few local sites spring up focusing more within a small community that newspapers can’t cover as they mostly discuss big topics that can reach a national audience.


  8. Lars Tong Strömberg

    Being in charge of the digital department of a traditional publisher using WordPress as a CMS, yes, I love the magazine themes and this trend and really hope there will be even more focus on them with the code merge of WPMU in 3.0!


  9. Lynne Erickson Valle

    I write for Examiner.com. as one of those “citizen journalists.” I am considering expanding and developing my own site. Can you advise me on which WordPress theme would be best for someone who wanted to post articles, photos and video? I also want a theme that is suitable for advertisements and user friendly. The publishing tool I use now is very easy to work with. It features a variety of page templates, automatic hyperlinks, photo and video uploading.

    Thank you!
    Lynne Erickson Valle


  10. Lynne Erickson Valle

    Moderator, I no longer need help. Please delete my two posts. Thank you!


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