1. Miroslav Glavic

    Why don’t you do scheduled posts?


  2. Jeffro

    @Miroslav Glavic – I will be. Just thought that if someone wanted to get content in front of a lot of smart WordPress users, that would be the time to do it.


  3. donnacha | WordSkill

    So, could these guest posts be used to just randomly attack other people in the community?


  4. donnacha | WordSkill

    Or perhaps I could just spread some entertaining rumors. For instance, did you know that Jane Wells and Chris Pearson are now dating?


  5. Jeffro

    @donnacha | WordSkill – LOL that was a good one. Seriously! :) and no, I prefer not to publish posts that go on and attack anyone.


  6. simon - WPsites

    I might be interested in this.

    I want to showcase the power and flexibility of WordPress as a content management system by openly converting 1- 2 websites to the WordPress platform for free.

    I’m planning to allow access to the admin pages of the test site I create so everyone can see how easy it is to use once set up.

    See my post on the UK Business Forum

    Once I’ve completed these sites I was thinking of creating a tutorial.

    Hopefully someone will put forward a website to be converted that will call for a good mixture of custom post types and wysiwyg meta boxes. I think a tutorial for setting up WordPress as a CMS with access to a live test site and admin panel would be a good thing for both current users of WordPress and people who might be a little unsure about using WordPress as a CMS.


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