Learn Three WordPress Filters A Day

If you’re new to WordPress development and looking for a way to learn about the various filter hooks that reside within WordPress, you’ll want to bookmark and view the new Filters of The Day Website started by Drew Jaynes. The site publishes three WordPress filters a day with snippets of example code that shows the filter in use.

Filters Of The Day

However, one of the cooler aspects of this website is that Drew is part of the Docs team and by publishing three filters a day, will be using the website to crowd-source the information and example code for each filter with the end goal of placing that information back into the Codex or Code Reference material. By the way, in Drew’s introduction post, he listed 1,003 filter hooks. That’s a lot of filtering! Good luck to Drew and I hope that this little experiment enhances the documentation for these filters for generations of WordPress users to come.


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