1. Abdul

    Nice share sarah! This theme has one new feature for me. In sidebar there is an extra “featured post” tab but it helped sidebar to become fat :D I liked the new tab as my existing theme doesn’t have. Overall theme is good enough but I didn’t like the pre-installed fonts anyway. I’ll recommend the theme with font change. -Best :)


  2. acosmin

    Thank you for the review! :)


  3. Keith Davis

    Good looking theme Sarah and you are right… it doesn’t make your eyes bleed.

    I’m just writing a post where I could use that phrase, mind oif I steal it?


  4. Andrés

    Beautifull theme, but i don’t find the way to the left mini site bar. :(


  5. Sergio Falcón

    Hi! I don’t find the way to the left side bar too. And it would be so useful.

    Thank you!


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