jQuery And The Theme Review Process

There is an interesting discussion taking place on the Make WordPress Themes site which is the home to the theme review team regarding jQuery and themes. There are three points that are being discussed:

  1. The first point for discussion is that Themes should always use the current version of jQuery as bundled with WordPress, so as to avoid core/Plugin breakage due to an unexpected version (whether older or newer than the WordPress-bundled version).
  2. The second point for consideration is that, if Themes should always use the current version of jQuery as bundled with WordPress, then Themes should not bundle their own version of jQuery, and should instead enqueue the core-bundled version, via wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery’ ).
  3. The third – and likely, most controversial – point for discussion is that Themes should not deregister the core-bundled jQuery, in order to register a CDN-hosted, minified version of jQuery, as such functionality is better-left to the end user, via Plugin.

While I don’t personally have any thoughts on any of the topics discussed, I figured most people may not keep an eye on this particular site so I needed to spread the word.


3 responses to “jQuery And The Theme Review Process”

  1. All good points that every theme developer should follow. Nothing controversial, you just need to remember to code it correctly.

  2. good points, i use to load it from google, but now i just use the bundled jquery. i still see a lot of people loading their own version via plugins, even not adding it properly, instead they are echoing via wp_head

  3. Seems like a plugin issue to me.

    It’d be kinda annoying if a theme were to unhook the built in one purely for performance reasons without asking me first.


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