1. Emil

    Incredible, just incredible.


  2. Rene

    Alex, you are unforgettable…sad but true


  3. Colm Troy

    So sad. I’m finding it difficult to get through the full video. I didn’t know Alex personally but I’ve been very aware of his huge contribution to the WordPress community down through the years.

    Thank you to Joshua for allowing us to hear Alex share his story in his own words.


  4. Adam Fout

    So sad, but so awesome that this could be captured and shared. I’m sure his family appreciates this video, and one day, his daughter will see how awesome it is (if she doesn’t already)


  5. Ryan Hellyer

    Whoa! This is amazing.


  6. Terence

    The thing that I am always struck by, when I meet people who have accomplished great things in their lives, is ~ how humble they are when you get them on their own, face to face, and what simple, common-sense philosophies they apply to their lives.

    I felt uncomfortable watching and listening this video, but I am glad that I did. There are some very valuable insights there.


    • Jacobus

      Hi Terence, I had the very same thing. It is such a pity Alex passed away and just like you, for me it was at times very uncomfortable to watch it, but I must say it was worth every second of watching. Also kudos to the makers of the video. Especially in the beginning I liked how it was set up (the piece with the music of Neil Young) and showed how much people were around him, the atmosphere in the house, etc.


  7. Agbonghama Collins

    Was fun and insightful watching the interview.

    I still remember how i always end up on Alex’s blog for every WordPress related question / problem i search for on Google.

    He was an inspiration to me and indeed to the world at large.

    This maxim “Good things don’t last”, keep holding true till date though it seems unfair.

    Life’s just too short, let’s make the most of it.


  8. Andreas Nurbo

    That was a great recording and interview. The advice, the small jokes etc, it was all good. I really liked it. A bit sad that I feel there is so much good stuff left to be said by Alex King that will never be known now.


  9. Carl Hancock

    This was extremely tough to watch at Pressnomics.

    It was very emotional and anyone (including myself) that knew Alex couldn’t help but have tears in their eyes. It was hard for those that didn’t know him also.

    Thank you Alex King, wherever you are right now, for doing this interview.


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