Joomla Marries WordPress?

joomlawordpressBack around May 1st, the CMS Expo was taking place in Chicago, Illinois. during this event, Rafael Corral of CorePHP gave a talk on a new Joomla component that integrates WordPress with Joomla. I first came across this news on The component enables the use of tags, all of the plugins available for WordPress and finely tuned SEO capabilities. This integration comes at a cost like most cool things for Joomla at $80.00 a year or $100.00 a year if you want to use the multi-user component.

The demand for the component comes from the fact that Joomla is not much of a blogging platform while WordPress is the best. One thing that is cool about this component if you’re a Joomla user is that the WordPress administration side of things can be accessed from the front end meaning you won’t have to bother yourself with the Joomla administration panel. Inside of this component, you can switch, style, or move the WordPress sidebar. The sidebar is dealt with via a Joomla module. According to the talk, migrating WordPress themes is difficult but not impossible with the content area only able to be themed. The multi-user extension deals with integrating Joomla with WordPress MU.

The beauty of both projects being open-source allows for things like this to happen. However, I still wonder why I would integrate one content system into another. I would consider what it is I need in a publishing system and figure out between the two which one has more of what I want and then go with that.

It’s funny because I chose to go with WordPress after realizing that Joomla didn’t have native comment support which drove me insane. Yes, I did try to install and use a few different extensions to give Joomla a commenting system but those all sucked! Making regular blog posts was a pain in the rear because I had to select all of this Meta stuff before the post was published. This was back before 1.5 and I have not used Joomla since so I have no idea if it’s changed for the better. In the end, I think this component solidifies the fact that Joomla sucks if you want to use it to blog. Something I’ve known since 2007.


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  1. On the other hand if your project is heavily dependent on CMS type functionality, Joomla begins to look better considering the features built-in to it’s core. There also seem to be more advanced, feature rich themes available in the Joomla community. I wonder why that is?

    I’m not knowledgeable of it but have you seen the GPL RokIntenseDebate plugin? It was created by RocketWerx (RocketTheme)
    “Two simple plugins that make adding IntenseDebate comments to your articles extremely simple. RokIntenseDebate consists of a content plugin, and an editor button plugin. All you do is write your article, then click the button to enable IntenseDebate comments at the end of your article. Only setup is to enter your IntenseDebate account number in the content plugin before using”

  2. @Brad – That was not around in 2007 which is why I never saw it :) so my argument stands at least for the time period I used it. Now I could just as easily use a third party commenting service like IntenseDebate or Disqus and I would have been happy. Glad to see that problem fixed in a sort of weird way.

  3. lol, I think you need to start a Joomla Theme blog, I bet it would be exciting to write about considering what is going on over there.

  4. LOL – Is that a hint?

    Actually I like both solutions and don’t necessarily think it has to always be one pitted against the other. I disliked Joomla at first because it couldn’t do certain things that WordPress can. As I dug deeper into WordPress I soon learned that it too has some problematic limitations. Rumor has it the summer may bring some long awaited changes to existing Joomla deficiencies.

  5. If your an end user it’s understandable you would want to limit yourself to one platform that suites you best. It’s definitely much less hassle.

    As someone who occasionally provides services to others, I find it beneficial to learn and use both. For example, the same company recently paid me to setup a WordPress blog and a separate Joomla site. I find it difficult to turn down money :-)

  6. Back with 1.0 there actually was a free component released that included WP in Joomla. The problem is it was never maintained past the first release so it became insecure pretty quickly.

    1.5 was really just a code upgrade from 1.0, for the most part. Usability/functionality really didn’t change that much. There is no doubt it’s always been an awful platform for blogging, so it’s nice to see something coming back, even if it is commercial.

  7. I am just wondering if there is really a need to do the integration.
    say the wordpress has their client and so as Joomla.

    Anyway, I just hope that integration will benefit both CMS. :)

  8. Well I can tell you why it is a good idea to integrate WP into Joomla. WP is blogging software and Jooomla is a complete CMS. What if you want a site that has a blog, but also has lot’s of other functions like an image gallery, guestbook, forum, file repository or even a webshop? Then it really is a good idea to integrate both. You’ll have one of the best CMS and the best blogging software in one. To me this seems like a great idea.

  9. I’ve integrated WordPress into an SMF installation before which made some sense since WordPress has very poor user management systems and I was already using SMF as a forum anway. But integrating WordPress into another CMS which already has a blog module seems like a smack in the face to the system it is being integrated inside of. Surely the Joomla blogging system can’t be THAT bad … or can it?

  10. Jom Comment

    I would turn it around and ask “surely WordPress can’t be THAT bad as a CMS”?

    Since WordPress started as a blogging solution, its obviously better suited for it. Likewise Joomla has CMS features built-in to its core that would require multiple 3rd party plugins to accomplish the same functionality in WordPress. Also I find far more sophisticated 3rd party add-ons and themes available for Joomla.

    That said, I love WordPress and look forward to seeing it adopt more CMS type capabilities into its core.

  11. I am currently working on my site and i have already installed addtional plugins and wordpress.I am so fascinated with the new idea of joining the two.

  12. Realize this is an old thread but hoping for an answer to a new question:

    Is it possible to integrate Joomla into WP instead of vice versa? I’m trying to setup a paid directory website and, being a WP user (gave up Joomla in its Mambo days and haven’t returned since), naturally searched WP plugins that would execute desired functions (i.e. advertiser can automatically fill out online form, upload company contact info, images, list in categories, and submit payment, etc.). Was only able to find WP Directory Pro that came closest to fulfilling my needs. Out of curiosity, frustration/irritation, and hope that there was something more complete out-of-the-box (I’m not a coder or developer so every little bit helps), I checked what Joomla had going on and found SOBI2 which is gets me A LOT closer to my goal without having to really mess with code.

    However, I still like the look and backend usability with WP. Since I would use SOBI2 for only a portion of my website (a page called “Directory”), would it be possible to install Joomla into a subdirectory or subfolder (I know, shoot me, I warned that I’m not a developer) of WP which is already installed into the root of the website? Essentially, I’d be using Joomla just for the SOBI2 extension and would like everything else on the site to be WP. I realize I’m probably not making much sense since I’m mixing up the terms but hopefully someone knows what I mean and can point me in the right direction. THANKS!

    Great site, by the way! Just found it today and I’ll be keeping up with it.

  13. This is exactly what I want to do — use sobi2 in a joomla install in a subdirectory or subdomain within WP. Did you go ahead and do this, op, if you’re still monitoring this thread? Or anyone else? Would love to see a live site that is doing this — and how it works with search engines. I’m on the hunt for more info on this…

  14. Thanks! I’ve been waiting for someone to respond! No, I haven’t tried it yet but was contemplating the same method you mentioned. It’s just a matter of trial and error, I suppose, since I haven’t found any informed help on the matter. My inquiry even seemed to stump/disinterest the WP and Joomla forums I posted to. Let’s keep in touch and post our findings, OK?

    Thanks again!


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