Interview With Joe Leblanc – Joomla Developer

One of the things I was most interested in doing at OpenCamp was getting an interview with both a representative from the Joomla community as well as the Drupal community to ask them a round of questions specifically to see how their communities have dealt with some of the issues the WordPress community has. Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain an interview with someone from the Drupal community which is understandable considering there was so much going on, it was hard to get a hold of anyone. Fortunately though, I managed to snag Joe Leblanc for 10 minutes to talk about the state of things in the world of Joomla.

About Joe: Joe is a freelance Joomla! developer developer based in the Washington DC area. He’s the author of the book Learning Joomla! 1.5 Extension Development,as well as the video series Joomla! Essential Training at When he’s not biking, writing, or making a mess in the kitchen, he can be found pontificating at DC PHP Developers Group meetings.

In this interview, I talk to Joe about how the stance on GPL by Joomla almost ripped apart the entire community, his opinion on the positive and negative effects of not having a face to the project, his thoughts on the Open Source Matters foundation and much more.


2 responses to “Interview With Joe Leblanc – Joomla Developer”

  1. I have my opinions about Joomla but this was a pretty cool interview just to see where they’re at. Funny though the admin interface hasn’t changed… that’s one of the huge reasons I hate it lol… oh well… onto coding something else in WP

  2. Excellent interview Jeff!

    It’s interesting to watch this GPL thing. Most people don’t understand how it works. I have met many folks who think that GPL means that you have to give your code away and that is not the case. GPL has been an issue with WP and Joomla because there are many commercial themes/templates, and plugins/modules. It has not been a big issue with Drupal because there are very few commercial modules. All the good Drupal modules, like Ubercart and CiviCRM, for example, are free.

    Most of my work is with WordPress, but I have inherited some Joomla projects and I like the CMS. I have downloaded the Joomla 1.6 beta and there have been a lot of backend improvements.

    In my humble opinion, WordPress is the best blogging program, but for a major CMS with calendars and CRM, I would use Joomla. I have also used Drupal and Joomla is far easier to work with.


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