Jetpack 6.1, Now With Even More Privacy Information

Jetpack 6.1 is available and is considered a general maintenance release. This version adds two improvements to the WordAds module. Users can now use the [wordads] shortcode to place an inline ad on any post or page. Support for the ads.txt file has also been added.

A new filter is available that honors the Do Not Track feature. This filter only affects the Stats module and will not track visitors who have Do Not Track enabled. This filter may be exposed as a setting in the UI in a future update.

Sharing and Likes functionality has been removed from WooCommerce’s Cart, Checkout, and Account pages. Notices that appeared in log files related to language features on sites running PHP 7.2 have been fixed.

Continuing the progress made in Jetpack 6.0 towards GDPR compliance, 6.1 adds More Info buttons to every module that handles user data.

The More Info buttons contain links to specific sections of support documents that describe whether or not the module is activated by default, what data is used for site owners and visitors, and what data is synchronized with

More Info Links in Jetpack
Detailed Privacy Information for The Toolbar Module

In the example above, the Privacy Information link for the Toolbar module points to the following support document. With all of this information now readily available, users can educate themselves on the privacy implications of each module and decide what’s best for their visitors.

A full changelog of Jetpack 6.1 is available on


6 responses to “Jetpack 6.1, Now With Even More Privacy Information”

  1. Jetpack is not GDPR compliant. Avoid this plugin by all means. It is phoning home to permanently and transferring a lot of personal data.

    They can add as many privacy *Information* as they want, that helps not in making it compliant.

    Same applies for Akismet, it’s transferring so many personal data. Avoid that as well, use “Antispam Bee” instead that is fully GDPR compliant.

    • Appreciate your concern about Jetpack and GDPR.

      A common misconception is that it’s not permissible for a plugin to transfer personal data or “phone home”. In fact, this is allowed as long as safeguards are in place to honor key rights established by GDPR. Chief among these are transparency about the data that a plugin collects or transfers, and choice and control over a plugin’s data use. Over the past several months, we’ve put a lot of time, thought, and effort in to building tools and documentation to help Jetpack honor these important rights and to bring it in to compliance with this new law.

      You can read more about these features here: and about our broader ongoing efforts related to the GDPR here:

      If you have specific questions about how Jetpack works or how we’re addressing GDPR issues in Jetpack, please do reach out to us directly. Thanks!


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