1. christophermccoy

    cant wait to check this out, ive bought all his books, great reads!


  2. dgwyer

    Looks like a great read, although in the preview PDF I was a bit surprised to see how to create custom taxonomies and custom post types listed in the TOC.


  3. http://getsalink.com

    I have read Jeff Starr’s book Digging into WordPress, which he co-authored with Chris Coyier. I am looking forward to purchasing this one too. His work on Perishable Press is epic I must say, great effort!


  4. Keith Davis

    I’ve not read anything by Jeff but the layout of this book looks fantastic.

    The reason I’ve heard of Jeff Starr is because I use one of his plugins: Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

    BTW just noticed your link to “Version 2 Of DiggingIntoWordPress Is Out” dated March 2010.


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