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iThemes LogoIt’s hard to disagree with anything Cory Miller says in his 6 Keys To The Future Of WordPress Post. One of his keys is Blogging. He’s right in that blogging is the history and heritage of the WordPress software but over the past few years, so much has been done to try to rid the stigma of WordPress being just for blogging. That seems like a trend that will continue so the challenge is, how do we maintain that heritage without it dissolving?

The first key correlates with another in Identity. To this day, if you ask 10 people what is WordPress, you’re likely to get at least 7 different answers ranging anywhere from blogging system, publishing platform, to content management system and to top it off, all the answers are correct. The questions Cory asks are very important: What is WordPress? What is it supposed to do for people? And how do we preserve and protect that while innovating and adapting? Each feature, each enhancement, everything that goes into WordPress should be focused around the answers to those questions.

Overall, I think Cory nailed it.

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