1. Vlad

    Let’s keep WordPress as is, and do not make from it something like a biggest suitcase (as Joomla and so on). The Blog has to be a Blog but not an anything else. If WordPress’s team would like to stuff their child with a lot of universal-features, then they should make a different branch, something like “WordPress Wide” or something similar. It’s my opinion. (sorry for my english).


  2. Cory Miller

    Thanks Jeffro – glad to see you back btw! :)


  3. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    @Vlad – I start to think the same, WordPress Business or WordPress Lite after I know what people name it App Themes. May be WordPress Core Developer need to stop or at least reduce new feature addition, because at some point it can confuse users. Especially non tech-savvy user.


  4. Jeffro

    @Vlad, @Tiyo Kamtiyono – You two should jump on this bandwagon http://designisphilosophy.com/wordpress/wordpress-at-10-time-for-a-fork/ :)

    @Cory Miller – Thanks Cory. I’ve been thinking about you guys lately (iThemes) Remembering the days when you took it personally to see people commenting about the lackluster themes and some other comments about the company. How you handled them and now, have really diversified what iThemes is all about. I want to conduct an interview with you in the near future to talk about your iThemes journey, if you’re up to it.


  5. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    @Jeffro – Oh, so many versions :lol:

    I can still using WordPress well, but my friends are mostly scared because it’s looks complex, that’s why I think that way :)


  6. Cory Miller

    Jeffro, always up to it. Let me know!


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