Introducing WordCamp 360

Those of you who keep a keen eye on this website should have noticed the addition of the WordCamp 360 link about a week ago. Typically during a WordCamp, the only option I have of interacting with the event and discussing things being presented is on Twitter. I decided that it would be nice to have a central location where I could watch any live video stream, monitor the Twitter hashtag and to top it all off, have an area to chat in real time regarding what we’re seeing. So, I decided that every Friday, I would check into the WordCamp Schedule and change up the page depending on the event taking place that weekend. You won’t catch me on the page or in the chat room every weekend but chances are, you’ll see me in there more often than not.

This weekend is WordCamp Las Vegas. The hashtag along with the video stream is all set and ready to go. Be sure to give the page a trial run this weekend and then give me some feedback.

7 responses to “Introducing WordCamp 360”

  1. @Andrea_R – I might have to play around with it so that everything shows up on the top of the page without scrolling but other than that, it’s come out pretty well.

  2. I think this may be your best idea yet. You might see if you can guest post, and mention it on some other blogs. I look forward to it.

  3. Great idea for your site and the WP Community to have access at one location! Thanks!


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