Intergalactic: A Bold Free WordPress Theme from Automattic

Despite a global decrease in public funding for space programs, humans are still reaching for the last frontier through film, music, and even design. Automattic’s latest free theme release on is a bold new take on the space motif.

Intergalactic features strong typography with post titles overlaying full-width featured images. The one-column layout is well-suited to a personal blog and the theme has support for all the standard post formats.


Intergalactic also includes support for custom headers, custom backgrounds, and a social links menu. The theme keeps navigation out of sight via a high-contrast slideout menu. The sidebar is 530px wide with plenty of space for longer page titles and wider widgets.


The theme also has built-in styles for right-aligned, left-aligned, and centered pullquotes, which can be easily set in the text editor.

[html light=”true”]<blockquote class="alignleft">
This is a left-aligned blockquote.

Intergalactic’s bold design takes you back to the glory days when space photography was brand new and manned missions put explorers on the moon. It’s been more than 40 years since the Apollo 17 astronauts’ last visit to the lunar surface in 1972, but the idea of space travel remains firmly stuck in the public imagination.

If you need a new look for your blog and you’re aiming to publish at the speed of light in 2015, the Intergalactic theme is a powerful motivator. Check out the live demo on to see it in action. Intergalactic is now available to download for free from the Themes Directory.


10 responses to “Intergalactic: A Bold Free WordPress Theme from Automattic”

  1. Why are themes so broken on WordPress? Different themes even from Automattic seem to behave and respond differently to settings. I have set my blog to show full feed and yet a theme by Automattic doesn’t honor that.

  2. This is a nice looking theme but the fonts and such are just a tad too big for me, nothing I couldn’t fix with a simple change. One thing I don’t like is that the hamburger menu icon only shows up when you’re at the top of an article or at the top of the home page. Getting rid of the vertical nav menu is nice but at least it’s usually accessible no matter where you’re at on the page.

  3. This is a really fantastic theme for bloggers and (I think/hope) for storytellers. I wonder if it will display storytelling modules for plugins like Aesop Story Engine? I’m looking forward to downloading it and taking it for a spin…


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