Inpsyde Open Sources Wonolog, a Monolog-based Logging Package for WordPress

Inpsyde, a WordPress agency and VIP partner based in Germany, has open sourced Wonolog, a package that integrates Monolog for sophisticated WordPress data logging. Monolog is the most widely used PHP logging library with more than 57 million downloads to date.

Wonolog automatically creates logs that target specific WordPress requests and can be customized with action and filter hooks. Here are a few examples of WordPress data it can log:

  • Log any failed logins
  • Keep track of all WordPress cron requests
  • Intercept the WordPress-specific exit function, wp_die(), and log any (direct or indirect) usage
  • PHP core notices, warnings and (fatal) errors, uncaught exceptions (as well as PHP 7+ Throwable)
  • WordPress core errors such as database errors, HTTP API errors, wp_mail() errors, and 404 errors

Wonolog is available as a Composer package and its creators recommend installing at the website level. Inpsyde has been using it successfully in production with different projects for several months. Wonolog requires PHP 5.6 or higher and WordPress 4.6+. A documentation site is available to help new users get started and the project can be found on GitHub.


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