Infographic Shows WordPress Adoption Rate Is Like Wildfire

WordPress Sitting On Top Of The World
WordPress Sitting On Top Of The World

Back in June, 2013 WPEngine participated in a session at WordCamp Chicago that was filled with WordPress statistics and trends. The results from that survey have now been published as an infographic. I think the most impressive stat is that there is one WordPress site for every 101 people in the world. According to the graphic, that’s essentially the population of Shanghai, Mumbai, Moscow, Mexico City, Tokyo, New York City, London, and Los Angeles combined.

If you’re interested in more statistics, Matt Mullenweg conducted a survey shortly before WordCamp San Francisco 2013 and shared the results in his State Of The Word presentation.


2 responses to “Infographic Shows WordPress Adoption Rate Is Like Wildfire”

  1. Cool infographic, although i do not think it is fair to say that WordPress has become more universal than Spanish, also usually one person owns more than one WP installation. I for example have 5 WP installations not counting development sites.

    Disclaimer. I am not affiliated with spanish language in any way :).


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