1. Rich Robinkoff

    Thanks for the great props Jeff!


  2. John Parkinson

    Jeff, thanks for the great info. I appreciate all of your hard work.


  3. Bowe Frankema

    I really like this weekly overview! Keep up the good work Jeff :-)


  4. Andreas Nurbo

    Who tells people not to read comments? Sticks and stones will break my bones. But words will never harm me. It was true 150 years ago when it was allegedly written and its still true today, but people seem to forget this. Nowadays its safe spaces, trigger warnings and other attempts to isolate oneself from the rest of the world. The attitude online is changing for the worse. Read comments, ignore those that just post insults (though even comments that contain insults can contain value even for self growth), answer the good ones. It may sound harsh but in the end the pain you feel are of your own making. Easier said than done but it is good to remember.


  5. James Giroux

    Thanks for the intro Jeff! I am pumped to be working with Envato and the WordPress community.


  6. mark k.

    I am actually amazed there is anyone that can claim in with a straight face that wordpress code is not bad. The problem is that instead of making it actually better core is busy mainly on beautifying it, when anyone even tries to do anything.

    The frontend page pagination bug of 4.4 has much to do with bad code which would have been rejected or restructured years ago.

    So yes, users that don’t care about bugs and don’t care about features taking twice the time and the money to be developed don’t care about the quality of core code, but I have never heard of a user that don’t care about money and bugs.

    No one develops sites with wordpress because of the quality of the code, people do it because it is still the fastest route to a working site, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t care.


  7. velda

    Thanks for the mention :)


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