Improving The WordPress Search Engine With Relevanssi

The default search engine in WordPress has sucked for a number of years. So much so that people end up replacing it with a custom Google search box. However, there is a plugin that has been gaining steam in recent months called Relevanssi that is trying to solve most of the problems the default search engine has. Check out this tutorial on how to install and configure the plugin via I think I’m going to install the plugin myself to see if it cures any of my search frustrations.

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  1. Please let us know how it works out for you. I have used it on a couple of projects with decent results.

    I think there is room for a premium search plugin to enter the marketplace. It would be nice to have customizable results pages (ex: sorting by content type) as well as check box limiters and such.


  2. While this would probably work well on a small site, I installed this on my site with over 6000 posts and after a couple of hours waiting, I never could get back into the Admin section. I had to stop mySQL to get control again. I think the massive amount of indexing is too much for a large site.


  3. With almost 10 years of archives in my blog, I couldn’t get the Relevanssi index build to ever finish. The add 500 posts thing never worked right for me.


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