1. Anh Tran

    This is a great news for users who care about SEO. Big is the 2nd large search engine and their plugin looks great!


  2. Ephraim Edeh

    I’m really happy with this development, more visibility online with search engines means more traffic, I’m definitely installing the plugin


  3. Sherry Bonelli

    My API key is continually failing on the sites I’m trying to use the WP plugin on. Anyone else having that problem?


  4. Trent

    While I’m not thrilled about having to add another plugin to our site, if it’ll give us some favor with Bing, I’m willing to give it a shot. As it is, right now they only account for 3.11% of our search traffic.


  5. Calvyn Lee

    US/Global still have nearly 20% of market share, while place like Malaysia, barely below 2% of market share. A lot of local business just ignore traffic from Bing.


  6. TourVista

    Nice to see Bing step up their game for WP/SEO. Seems like there’s only room for growth targeting Bing with a smart SEO strategy.


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