Import/Export Options Now Available With Widget Logic

The latest release of one of my favorite plugins, Widget Logic, now has the option to import and export options. The options are saved to a text file which contains all of the conditional logic.

Widget Logic Export Import Options

Widget Logic Text File
Conditional Logic Saved Within A Text file

Despite using this particular plugin for a long time, it never really occurred to me how nice it would be to have such a feature. This really comes in handy for those times when you want to reformat your website and instead of remembering the conditional logic for each widget, you simply import the text file and the configuration is taken care of.

While I didn’t dedicate much time to it, there is an additional enhancement that comes with Version .52 of the plugin. You can now select when the logic code runs. Here is a screenshot that should help clarify what it does.

Oh, and if you get lost trying to find out where the new features are located, you’ll find them at the bottom of your Widget configuration page.



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