1. Flick

    Like Jeff, whilst I am a fan of Kaspar’s work, I have ended up using Widget Logic alot more than Widget Context simply because it’s easier to define the display of certain widgets using the standard WP template tags just by copying and pasting from a Notepad document, rather than having to configure several different lines.

    The new interface looks interesting though. Perhaps one function that can be introduced in the future is the ability to copy settings across from one widget to another, since sometimes several widgets have the same display criteria.


  2. Charles

    I would make extensive use of ‘copy settings across from one widget to another’ feature if it was made available.


  3. Jeffro

    @Flick – That’s exactly why I ended up going with Widget logic. It’s no muss or fuss and once the conditional tags are put in, I can just forget about it. But, I wouldn’t mind a nice interface to assign widgets to certain places which again, would be a cross between Widget Logic and Widget Context.


  4. Flick

    @Jeffro – I agree :) Perhaps one way of mixing the two would be to have this lovely interface (I’ve just tested it again!) that also accepts standard template tags? Perhaps as part of the ‘Advanced’ tab that you’ve mentioned in your post?


  5. Kelly

    I really liked the interface of the plugin demo. It only took me a few seconds to get the gist of it. I like the eye icon for switching from “show” to “hide”, and that you can differentiate between “index” and “posts” when defining category display.

    It did take me a while to realize I needed to start typing “category” to get a list of the categories, although that probably wouldn’t have been an issue on my own site, because I would have first tried typing the name of one of my categories. Also I’m still unclear what Option 1 and Option 2 are. (I’m fairly new to WordPress, so forgive me if that should be obvious!).


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