1. Scot MacDonald


    Try Display Widgets or WP Page Widgets.


  2. Gary B

    Firefox 3.6.22?

    Update, seriously :)


  3. Jonathan

    Honestly, I wish this were in the core. I come across a lot of use cases where I’m constantly wanting to put specific widgets on specific pages or types of pages, and not globally across the board.

    Great plugin though, I’ll definitely be using it.


  4. Ryan

    Firefox 3.6? Why on earth are you using such an ancient browser?


  5. Jeffro

    @Ryan – Because all of my extensions that I use work on it and I don’t have any pressing need to upgrade. Also, Mozilla has been maintaining the branch with security fixes. Once that’s over with, then I’ll have to consider upgrading.


  6. Ryan

    Interesting. I didn’t realise Mozilla was maintaining browsers back that far. I doubt they’ll be doing that again now that they have taken on the same development approach as Chrome, with rapid updates.

    My memory of Firefox 3.6 was that it was dog slow.


  7. Jeffro

    @Ryan – Ok well you convinced me and plus, looks like only one of my extensions won’t work. Installing 5.0.1 now.


  8. Ryan

    Extensions should be upgraded to work with new versions more frequently (like Chrome extensions do) now that Firefox has changed their development process … or at least that’s the theory. So hopefully you won’t need to deal with broken extensions on upgrades anymore.


  9. Morten Brunbjerg Bech


    I’m the author of Flexible Widgets. Thanks for mentioning the plugin.

    Apparently You found a couple of bugs while testing it. I’ll try to follow up on that and see if I can fix the issues for the next version.

    So far, the plugin only supports the default WordPress widgets. Actually, it replaces them altogether. I’ll see if I can wrap my head around another solution so it will be able to support custom widgets from other themes or plugins in a future version.


  10. Syed Balkhi

    The one that is a bit simpler with a UI is Display Widgets which lets you select the pages you want to display it on … or hide it on.



  11. SiteSubscribe

    Another good option with tons of features:

    Dynamic Widgets
    “Dynamic Widgets gives you full control on which pages your widgets will appear. It lets you dynamicly place the widgets on WordPress pages by setting conditional rules with just a few mouse clicks by role, dates, browser, language (WPML), for the homepage, single posts, attachments, pages, authors, categories, archives, error page, search page, custom post types, custom post type archives, WPEC/WPSC categories, BuddyPress Components and BuddyPress Groups”


    BTW, I’m in the same boat running FF 3.6.6. After reading this post I’m considering upgrading.



  12. Miroslav Glavic

    Firefox 6.0.2 is the latest version.

    Upgrade it. if an extension isnt working then get another one. Like WP plugins, there is more than one to do anything you want.


  13. Flick

    I had to stick with the Firefox 2 series on my 7 year old laptop because the later versions of Firefox were just to CPU/memory-heavy for me to use for an extended period of time (I kept having to shut it down) and I also agree with Jeff that some add-ons were just never developed for later versions.

    Am now using a 4 year old laptop so I don’t have this issue anymore.


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