1. DoktorThomas

    Hmmm. Perhaps. The boat was missed when the author’s own review was not published here.
    Why would one want to send his readers to another site (without an affiliation)? Except for reference.

    Would newbies really be reading the WPNews from their WP site’s dashboard to find an Idiot’s guide (how I landed here)? Not likely.

    If they are, I recommend Sitepoint’s “Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes”. It covers the overview of WP and leads one to building his/her site.


  2. Pierre DeBois

    Thank for mentioning the review on your blog. I am honored for the mention, and I am sure Susan as well as the Small Business Trends team appreciates it as well. Thank you again.



  3. QuinnerKat7

    @doktorthomas — I’m a newbie who found this site trying to claw my way up the wp learning curve as fast as possible, started reading a few posts, saw this review and yes, I will be buying the book because I’m exactly the person it was written for, and the Idiots and Dummies books are fabulous bridges from the unknown to the known. I believe this book will move mountains. At least those that are powered by wordpress. Ya never know whose going to happen across your blog!


  4. Jeffro

    @QuinnerKat7 – I’ve read through the first and second edition of WordPress For Dummies and Lisa Sabin-Wilson did a great job of being able to walk people through the technical hurdles of WordPress. Thanks for telling your cool story and the best of luck with using WordPress.


  5. Bulion

    Surprised you didn’t use affiliate link.


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