1. Sarah Gooding

    I love LICEcap, even if it sounds like a hat you wear to keep your hair safe from getting lice. ;)


  2. Lorenzo Orlando Caum

    CloudApp (getcloudapp.com) works really well for capturing screenshots and animated GIFs. Give it a try if you have a Mac.


  3. Brin Wilson

    Nice, I was wondering. :)


  4. hueyyeng

    Been using GifCam http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/ and it has quite a number of advanced feature like frame editing, resizing and many more.

    Only drawback is it is limited to Windows platform.


  5. eherman24

    Gotta love LICEcap!


  6. Melissa

    I’ve used (and love) this tool, but as a mom with two school-age kids, I find the name triggering! Ugggghhh


  7. Tiffany

    It seems that LICEcap needs a lot of disk disk to run, lucky me, I find more available solutions from here, such as GYAZO, Recordit and Gif Screen Recorder. If you want to know more about that, you can check this article. http://www.apowersoft.com/gif-screen-recorder.html


  8. Jason Davis (@JasonDavisFL)

    LICECap is great for making quick animated GIFs. I also use the best software every created called ShareX which lets you take screenshots and upload to any of about 20 locations including your own FTP server. ShareX also has the option to do some annotations, arrows, text, shapes, cropping, and more after you capture the screenshot it will open up[ the editor to do any of those edits and on save it will upload to your destination and copy URL to your clipboard. It also saves a copy locally on your computer. It actually does about 200 more thing so it is worth looking at. I use it every single day and have been using it for about 5 years. It is constantly updated with new features and auto-updates when new version available. The newest feature added is screen recording to video file and as animated GIFs! It has different encoding options and uses the famous FFMpeg software to process the files for screen recording. I use both of these programs all the time ShareX and LICEcap and they are just great. I do have a handful of items I would like to be added to LICEcap, maybe someday someone will update the software or build a better version


  9. Oli

    I love this! It can be difficult to incorporate eye catching imagery in to my posts, and gif’s have been beyond me till now (Video always seems like a little too much!)


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