1. Joseph

    Thanks for sharing the Heartbeat Control Plugin. I host my site on SiteGround, and I have problem almost every day before I manually modify the Heartbeat rate. May I know which host plan is using for wptavern :-)


  2. David Anderson

    Concerns about the effects that Heartbeat would have in the real world were raised (by me) on the original Trac ticket here – https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/23216 – but sadly, ignored (or rather, hand-waving instead of data was used to prove that there was no problem).


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    Thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t aware that the heart beat could cause so many problems.


  4. Hristo Pandjarov

    Hey Joseph,

    It’s Hristo from SiteGround here. I suppose something is not working fine with the caching and Heartbeat. I’ve checked your ticket history but didn’t find any complaints from you about that. Usually, we fix such issues really fast and easy. Please send me an email at hristo.p siteground.com and I will do my best to fix this for you :)


    Hristo Pandjarov
    WordPress Expert


    • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

      Hi Hristo,

      I just want to point out that I had a Heartbeat issue and was also told to throttle or disable it. I decided to disable it completely since I’m the only one maintaining my site. But if SG is supposed to be able to handle a lot of Heartbeats then a policy might need to be looked at. Just a friendly thought :-)


  5. Huygens

    You say “Keep a close eye on the resources used and if you come close to maxing out, it’s a sign you need to upgrade to a better plan.”

    How do I do that? And what are good tools to trace the culprits? Also when I come close to maxing out I just adjust the php limit mb allowed. My host apparently allows that. How do I find oud the max? Thanks!


    • Ryan Hellyer

      Most cheap web hosts offer a system for tracking resource usage. The most important one to take notice of is your CPU usage. Consistently high’ish usage is okay, but it’s big spikes which can cause serious problems. If you have a flat CPU usage below their limit, then you are unlikely to get suspended. But often, you can have a fluctuating usage, which on average may be low, but as soon as you spike, you risk bogging down the whole server, and this is what will get your arse banned ASAP.

      That PHP memory limit is only on a per page basis. You shouldn’t generally need to adjust it, and if you are, then that’s probably a sign there is something wrong with your site, perhaps a plugin which is sucking up more memory than it should. Or it could be that your host provides sucky defaults.

      You can solve all of this by getting a VPS. With a VPS your site will just run slower than normal, and you won’t get banned.*

      * actually, you can theoretically get banned, but I’ve never heard of that happening in normal circumstances.


  6. R.J.

    WOW…. I was having this issue and the WordPress forums were a massive mess, with no one having a clue about this… always blaming a server setup.

    I am glad there is a solution… I ended up going with a fast VPS with tons of resources due to non-WP script needs, and that solved this problem, but it was a mess for several weeks on 2 hosts (one of which was hostgator).


  7. Pinoy Tv

    Hi Jeff,

    I encounter the heartbeat issue using Hostgator. I a bit panic when they temporary suspended my account. After I receive their email and look a way to solve my problem with them. I didn’t know that this really a big problem of heartbeat control. My CPU hosting was down and one of the reason was the heartbeat according to the Hostgator support. Currently, I’m still waiting for there feedback.

    btw, thankyou very much for sharing this post. I found a very useful reference to solve my problem.


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