How To Take Control Of Jetpack

Jetpack LogoA few days ago, we published a list of plugins and services that can be used as alternatives to the modules shipped with Jetpack. While creating that post, it became obvious how much trouble it would be to avoid the convenience that Jetpack offers.

Automattic employee Jeremy Herve, who works on the Jetpack team, took notice of the post and created his own version of Jetpack alternatives. In the post, Jeremy outlines how to:

  • Use Jetpack without connecting it to your account
  • Choose which modules are activated by default
  • Do not activate and do not even display a module in the Jetpack menu

I like Jeremy’s list of alternatives better than mine. Using his methods, Jetpack can remain activated and installed while being able to receive updates. There is no guarantee that plugins that mimic Jetpack modules will receive updates in parallel with Jetpack. For developers, Jeremy provided the following invitation:

If you think of a filter that would help you with your work, do not hesitate to contact us, post in the forums, or submit a patch. We’ll be there to see if such a filter already exists, or if we can add it to Jetpack for you.

Nice to see the team on stand by ready to make Jetpack easier to manipulate for developers.

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