Get Jetpack’s Markdown Module Without Using Jetpack

Anas H. Sulaiman is a WordPress plugin developer who has created several extensions that extract modules from Jetpack so that they can be used independently. He recently renamed his profile to “JP Bot” and is gradually adding to his collection of Jetpack-extractions:


One of his most popular plugins is JP Markdown, which essentially duplicates Jetpack’s Markdown module. It allows you to compose WordPress content in Markdown and have it published as HTML. I gave the plugin a test run and found that it works as advertised:


JP Markdown even includes the “Use Markdown for Comments” feature that you can enable under Settings > Discussion. This plugin is a solid option if you like the Markdown module in Jetpack but don’t want everything else that comes with it.

The JP Bot family of plugins extracted from Jetpack currently includes:

Using Jetpack requires being connected to While some users appreciate the convenience and professional support they receive from the Jetpack team, there are many who have reservations about hooking their site up to another third-party service. JP Bot’s collection of Jetpack-extraction plugins offer you an alternative to many of Jetpack’s most popular modules. For more alternatives to Jetpack, check out 15+ Plugins To Get Jetpack Functionality Without Using Jetpack.


5 responses to “Get Jetpack’s Markdown Module Without Using Jetpack”

  1. It was a real pleasure to discover his Markdown plugin as the one I used was incorporated in Jetpack and I don’t need such a big plugin.

  2. This kind of extractions are pretty cool until the developer becomes to busy or WP decides to change how their code works. In the past there was als a standalone wordpress stats plugin. That one worked very well until it was necessary to install (download) jetpack at all.

    • Good point. One thing that concerns me is how the author maintain the plugins. I mean he has to update everything when Jetpack has something new. I suggest putting all these plugins on Github so the community can help him to do that.

      • If he is smart, he will support only those plugins with less or non dependencies. The only thing that could happen is that an existing user will ask for an update to keep the function conform Jetpack.


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