How to Set Up Email Alerts For Topics on

Did you know that you can set up notifications for topics on Sign in to your account and then navigate to your notifications by visiting:

Once you are there you can create new notifications by adding a search string for a topic that you’re interested in following. The “notification name” field will be shown in the subject line of the alert emails sent from


When you set up a new notification, you’ll be notified any time a word or phrase you choose are directly referenced in a post or forum anywhere in the ecosystem.

You’ll notice that mentions of your username are included in your notifications by default. Any custom notifications that you set up will be listed below your profile.


Why Should You Set Up Email Alerts?

Your profile on is more valuable than you might think. There are so many useful things you can do with the email alerts to keep you informed on community discussions without having to read everything. You can use your account to set up alerts for mentions of your own plugins, themes or topics that you are interested in following. If you are wanting to help out with support in the forums and have a particular area of expertise, you might consider adding it as a search string. If there are new features that you’re hoping will be added to core, you can use alerts to follow discussions on those topics.

Nobody has the time to read everything that happens on the ecosystem. Signing up for alerts is a strategic way to keep yourself in the conversation without having to dig for the references.

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