1. Jeff Chandler

    So if I set up an alert for WPTavern.com, I should receive an email each time that is mentioned, even if it’s the URL or a link is shared in a forum post?


  2. Mercime

    It’s BuddyPress magic on WordPress.org :)


  3. pooriast

    I feel a WordPress.org profile should be seen as important as Github or LinkedIn profile, it deserves to be featured and included anywhere that a developer list his/her social profiles in author-boxes and widgets. Adding more engaging features such as what is explained in this post, helps to catch more attention to WordPress.org profiles.


    • Jeff Chandler

      It definitely seems that way. In the future, WordPress.org profiles will become even more valuable as more data is attached to them such as WordCamps attended, and other contributions among the community.


      • pooriast

        Yes Jeff exactly this is the path to be predicted for WP profiles, yet I think there is a lot to be done for keeping all the track-records and maximizing the authorship. The WordPress itself needs to enjoy more features that it generously offers to the community. On the authorship for example, here http://wp.me/p2GnoT-cb I wrote a set of suggestions to improve WordPress.tv; one of the suggestions is to add rel=”authorship” to the video posts not only for the user who has published the video, but for the speaker or creator of the video. I received no reply from WordPress TV team even though I emailed the link to them. Anyhow later I found a free plugin that allows to create an author-profile for a person without creating user account for him/her, and also allows you to add different custom fields and meta-data to the profiles. I can’t remember the name of plugin, but I have it in my bookmarks. Basically such profiles can be made as a custom post-type, as well.
        This example shows the complexity of making powerful profiles on WordPress.org that accumulate all the author activities and track records across WordPress main network of sites. Just hope to see we are moving in that direction.


  4. Yee Mei

    It would be nice if there was a plugin so that we could set up something similar on our own WordPress installs. In fact it was my search for something like this that lead me here.


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