1. ubernaut

    call me slow but i really don’t understand how adding the button back actually provides any additional functionality. As far as i can tell it just adds an extra click.

    Also not sure how the custom text is different from the edit button.


  2. Jeffrey

    I am confused. Why do we need to get the button back if the original reason of removing the button was to clean the interface?


  3. Wayne Powell

    A good reason to have the short link available is when manually creating eBlasts (where a long link sometimes won’t work, and isn’t needed for SEO purposes).

    Thank you for posting on how to return it simply through a function aadd_filter. Greatly appreciated! ;-)


  4. Kevin Stecyk

    I would prefer to have kept the Shortlink button.

    I don’t want the additional clutter of more plugins. Nor do I want to lift the hood and insert code. Granted, it isn’t that much.

    Perhaps we could have options as to which features are visible and available?


  5. Samuel "Otto" Wood

    Having the default shortlink is basically useless. If you use a shortlink plugin, that generates actual shortlinks, then the shortlink button comes back all by itself, magically. Perfect solution as is.


  6. Martin Wolf

    Hm, doesn’t work for me. Neither the plugin nor the code for the functions.php file. :/


  7. Coded Art

    I’ve just launched a plugin that will add this functionality back in, along with a number of other recently removed WordPress functions. Each of them is switchable, so you can choose which features you’d like.




  8. Neal Umphred

    What happened to the View Post option? Any way to restore it?


  9. Tina Marie Ernspiker

    Thank you bunches! This was a breeze. I used the function in my php file. Gracias!!


  10. Todd

    I didn’t realize it was missing until a client asked me to put it back haha. Thanks, very helpful!


  11. Tai

    Now, if only wp_links table will un-restore itself ;)


  12. ketan

    Hey guys I have created a video to restore get shortlink button: https://youtu.be/7zKWJ_a1q60

    Thanks to Jeff Chandler.


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