How to Add Right to Left Support to Plugin Banners

Now that the WordPress plugin directory is using language packs, translated plugins will start to show up in international directories. For some plugin banners however, this is a problem. For Right to Left languages, the icons and titles are displayed on the opposite side of the banner.

Ninja Forms in the Hebrew Plugin Directory
Old Ninja Forms Plugin Header in the Hebrew Plugin Directory

To fix this issue, plugin directories have implemented Right to Left support for plugin banners. To take advantage of RTL support, create a new banner and add -rtl to the end of the file name. Banner images live in the assets directory.

Here’s an example of a plugin banner on the Hebrew directory that has RTL support.

English Plugin Banner
English Plugin Banner
Hebrew Plugin Banner
Hebrew Plugin Banner

Although RTL banners are active on, they are not available in core. Banners won’t display properly but the team is working on adding it in time for a WordPress 4.4.1 release.



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